Secret Bias (Ode to the Kpop Idol)

by The Val for Now

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Project K


나는 비밀이있다
당신은 내 비밀인가?

My son was my very first bias therefore the ultimate never the slightest
Got many more my attention undivided
Constantly reposting photos never silent
But on the low, I got this one
He’s got the beauty of the clouds and he’s hot like the sun
He makes my heart beat fast like I took a run
And I’ma keep on goin I ain’t stoppin til he’s done
He’s got a lot of stamina
So being his fan I’ma have ta keep up
Fan signin, airport pictures, practice videos, uhh
Showcases, new promotions, variety shows, 더
The only reason I look at my phone
Can’t have no distractions need muthafuckas to leave me alone
So I’ma wait til I get home
Close the blinds get comfortable
And what happens, listen to the chorus of this song

And when nobody else is around
I be kissin the screen, kiss kissin the screen
Cuz you are my
My secret

And I ain’t gotta worry bout no other beezies tryna claim my neezy
He takes selcas just to please me
Cute and sexy 항상
Brighter than any star
You have really stolen my heart
Talented you will go far
당신이 왕

I almost broke my computer
Leaping at it swear I saw the future
Us holdin hands and you brought me some tulips
Full of romance no control of my medulla
If I’m ever out of focus your hocus pocus
Gets me back on track cuz you are the dopest
I never lose hope when my eyes are closing
I see you, holdin the door open
My reason to breathe when I feel I have lost everything
I want to make it to the next day to see you succeed
You mean so much to me
Sometimes you’re all I need
Even if it’s sort clips of you actin silly
I love you foreally
Please believe me when I say
당신은 나를 행복하게
Sunshine that parts my greys
Soft breeze upon my face
Journey to the path to follow heart you light the way ok

And when nobody else is around…

Your new concept photos is off the chain
When I first saw them thought I blew a vessel in my brain
I love sayin your name
You the picture in the frame
Of my heart cuz you are 내 사랑
Hearing your voice is power, soothes my soul
Seeing you smile warms me when I’m cold
You sometime shy, got natural 애교
And you ain’t even gotta try you’re so incredible
Daydreamin, I ship me and you
Cuz in my mind 나를 플러스 부부
You always fresh and got the dopest moves
영원히 당신을 따를
Flowin like the ocean on a muthafuckin cruise
You’re tone is correct gives me goose pimples
Watchin you is like a dream come true
Don’t stop it baby keep on doin what you do
I’m always a winna cuz with you I never lose
You part of my new passion I will always love you uh

Kissin the screen…

당신은 내 비밀인가?


released 31 October 2014



all rights reserved


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